As the Eurovision entrants return home, the home crowds weigh in

Monday, May 18, 2009 Most of the Eurovision entrants have returned home from their sojourn in Moscow, Russia, and the newspapers across Europe have varied opinions. Most national newspapers congratulated their entrants on a job well done, while others trash-talked other entrants, and still others called for their countries to pull out of the Contest. Here are some interviews, articles and opinions that made it to the front pages of

Crisis On The Health Front A Tale Of Benzene And Cyanide

More On This Topic: Pharmacy Technician Training Programs Online By Maggie Z. Mathews Look at how two different firms and their products were affected by health scares affecting the image and sales of their products. In one case customers were scared away, and frightened of a product. In another case customers and potential customers came to be reassured by the image of a company, and its concern for their health

School stampede in China kills eight, injures dozens more

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 State media reported earlier today that a stampede in a school in China has killed at least eight people and injured an additional 26. The accident occurred at 21:10 local time at the Yucai Middle School, a privately-run institution in city of Xiangxiang, located in the Hunan Province. Reports say that several students were leaving their studies when one fell down a staircase, causing others to