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Astral travel occurs when the astral body leaves the physical body to travel in the astral realm. The astral body is the supersensible or spiritual body. After separating from the physical body the astral body is capable of traveling great distances in the astral planes.Interest in this phenomenon has increased through the years. Today, there is a vast amount of astral travel information available.

There is historical evidence proving that people have been practicing astral projection and travel since ancient times. Some experts reference several bible verses that describe astral happenings. Most experts believe that everyone is capable of projection from birth. They believe that it is a natural skill that everyone possesses.

Most avid practitioners acknowledge the benefits of astral experiences. Most agree that the experience provides insight and awareness. Travelers can see things from a different perspective. They state that astral travel is a worthwhile experience. Practitioners, often,have the opportunity to meet with deceased relatives or friends. Meeting other astral travelers is common, also. Although it is possible to visit the past, present, and future,travelers cannot change things or events.


Since many astral happenings occur while the traveler is sleeping, the event is mistaken for an extremely vivid dream. However, astral projection and travel is not restricted to dreams. In fact, it is possible to learn to project as desired, at any particular time. Astral occurrences can be informative and nlightening. Experts do not recommend using dream interpretation materials, though. Every person s dreams and their meanings are unique.

There are various ways to accomplish astral projection and travel. Traveling while in the dream state is the most common method. Experts and avid practitioners can travel anytime they choose to do so. Anyone interested in learning to project and travel, at will,can find an abundance of information online.

When trying to initiate an astral event, an appropriate location is important. The room or area should be quiet and free of any distractions. The temperature should be comfortable. Limited lighting is best. Traveling should not be attempted during times of strife. The traveler should be completely relaxed. Many practitioners use musical tones or beats to encourage projection.

Relaxation is essential for achieving projection. The traveler should be well rested, not tired. The mind and body must be in a peaceful state. Many people practice yoga or meditation. Some experts state that avoiding heavy foods for 24 hours before attempting projection is helpful, as well.

Fear is one the most common problems with achieving projection. Many people are afraid that some harm may come them during their journey. Experts consistently state that traveling is safe and there is nothing to fear. They say that no harm will come to the astral or physical bodies during an event. Some people are afraid that they will not be able to return to their physical body. The astral body will always return to the physical body, according to experts. Many practitioners report the existence of a silver cord connecting the two bodies.

Astral travel is an intriguing and amazing supernatural activity. Anyone that is interested in learning more can find astral travel information on the internet. There are lots of very informative articles, books, and other resources available.

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