A passionate hookah lover at least once knows that hookah is a combination of many ingredients that make the hookah complete. It is not always the shisha or the hookah that you should look for ever because honesty is incomplete without all the ingredients. One of the most essential parts is lighting up the hookah; to be honest, no one can enjoy the best of hookahs unless they are using a little amount of heat.

Therefore, it needed a great ingredient to control the exact heat. One of the most important parts of any hookah is the hookah coal burner in 2021. Coal burner plays an integral role in hookah set up. It helps to get the coal lighted within the proper amount of time and controls the total system. Of course, you certainly don’t want to afford to get your hands on the wrong one if you are looking for a smooth, enjoyable and relaxing experience with your hookah you are in total control of.

Why choose great hookah coals?

When it comes to selecting the best hookahs for 2021, we brainstorm and do several calculations to suggest the best coal burners before indulging into the coal burner other features. But, before getting to the point of coal burners, you should gain the proper knowledge on hookah coals. Most of the hookah enthusiasts ignore the essential element of shisha, which is the coal itself. A good coal is as important and crucial as the hookah tobacco. If you mix your hookah together with some good coal, you will have a fantastic time and witness a great hookah smoke!

If you started your session with inappropriate coals, nothing could be able to save you from having a real disaster during your session. Even not a coal burner!

Natural coals and coconut coals are proper saviors of getting a weak hookah smoking session.

What are the pros and cons beginners witness regarding coal burners?

Employing the right hookah setup is an essential element of any session that includes hookah bowl, coal, tobacco, coal burner etc. Implementing the crucial items properly would guide you to have a fun smoke, and you will be able to enjoy the calmness of smoking flavored hookah. Beyond all of these, your toil starts when you determine to purchase a brilliant hookah and choose the correct coals and coal burner.

Most hookah smokers do not know the fact that natural coals do need a hookah coal burner. Without the burner you can’t survive. Here is a list of some exceptional hookah burners that will get you an extremely talented hookah session.

Single Coil Electric Hookah Charcoal Heater

This is the most basic and important hookah charcoal heater that has existed in the world of hookah since many years. It is mostly recognized for having all the innovative features that make the burner extraordinary and suitable for hookah purpose.

Moreover, this hookah charcoal heater is the most budget friendly option for beginners to try out their first ever hookah session. It has one single coil and is fully electric so no butane is needed.

What is the good about it?

The best part of this electric coal burner or charcoal heater is that they ate by far the most affordable. It takes at least 10-15 minutes to heat the coal. All you need to plug in and say Hi to the burner. You are all set!

What is bad about it?

The only negative point about this burner is: if you are in a real hurry and if you own this particular burner then you might have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes to get your natural coals glowing!

Newport Hookah Coal Burner

This coal burner is exactly crafted for portability. If you are a passionate traveler who loves to explore the world just like exploring new hookah features. Then this product is just for you. Its wide coils offer more room for extra coals and there is also no need for electricity! Like it!

The good point

It is a super portable coal burner that easily operates in indoor and as well as outdoor. Also, this charcoal heater operates using butane gas and is completely refillable. Newport would be your complete partner if you want to experience a nice hookah session on the river side just after an amazing river rafting! Wow! Doesn’t it sound great?

The weak point

You might face some challenging issues and shipping restrictions while carrying the Newport hookah burner as it operates using butane.

Fumari 12V Hookah Coal Burner

Now, this is something really an exceptional one. When you name Fumari, there is something special and everybody assumes that. Fumari has always been inventive regarding their products, be it tobacco, coals or the coal burners itself! This one has gradually become everyone’s priority and favorite.

The Fumari 12V coal burner is an outstanding example of a burner community. This offers a simple, well-designed yet robust infrastructure that heats up charcoal at high speed and runs at 120 volts. This is an electric, simple, and self-explanatory burner among the Fumari edition. You can find affordable ranges.

Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal Burner

The fourth one is a slightly larger and more heavy-duty burner that is predominantly smart. It is formed of a base and a detachable pan that can also be used to heat tea or coffee as well as hookah coals. So, if you are running out of hookah coals or tobaccos, you might utilize the charco flare hookah charcoal burner for a great coffee session. Well! That’s true.

It comes with a sharp feature like temperature dial that is placed on the side of the base and comes with a hookah tong. More often, as a hookah enthusiast you might wonder that ‘why I do not get a hookah tong along with other components, most burners assure it but do not offer.” Here comes the difference.

The charco flare burner is designed in such a unique way that it takes only five minutes to reach optimum operating temperature. The burner’s slick and appealing design will blow your mind away and inspire you to prepare an excellent hookah session. it definitely could be an aristocrat and sophisticated add-on to any home: bar or café.

Hookahtec Blazn Burner

This hookah coal burner is the magnificent blazn burner from Hookahtec. It separates itself from other burners at the time of using the infrared light to heat the coals. The method that this burner uses to light up the coal is extremely individual and talented, the method allows the coals up to 40% faster and 60% more efficiently to traditional coal burners. That means it will give its 100% to make your hookah session efficient and fruitful.

This coal burner also comes in a sleek style with blazing speeds that make this burner more compact and individual. Therefore, this burner eventually gets favorite to most of the hookah enthusiasts and it gets higher user recommendation.

What to look for in the best hookah coal burners?

It’s important for a hookah enthusiast, especially a beginner to get to know the importance of their choices on selecting the hookah burners. Burners come in various shapes and sizes so few things you need to consider before deciding to buy a perfect coal burner.

All you need to consider the features regarding a perfect hookah coal burner are: you need to check the quality, the timing it offers, portability, shapes and sizes, temperature controlling facility.

Although, some coal burners manufacturers are even desperately inventing new features like: including the automatic shutoff and air vent system. These ensure a safety mechanism. Top quality coal burners are experimenting with such features to offer you a memorable hookah session in less time!


Coal burners are getting extremely popular and people prefer it for a nice hookah smoking. Moreover, many useful features have been added to ensure a safety and inventive process during the session. But before everything, you must remember that a superior coal burner needs good quality charcoal for an easy going and smooth process.