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The Calotren Concept

The protein-based formula of Calotren has been claiming efficiency in sustaining body functions necessary for getting rid of those excess fats and harmful by-products in the body in a natural way. The product is said to invade the thought of stimulating or starving just to achieve weight reduction. But it rather enhances the natural body functions that develops lean muscle tissue and burns up unwanted fats. Calotren may also provide enhanced stamina and vitality for individuals suffering from underweight condition as well as those that are in perfect shape.

One should purchase the product outright if they want to know the validity of this product s claim for it does not offer free trial samples which should have been a plus for this product. Free samples give dieters the idea of the product s confidence in its potency.

The Power Content


The main ingredient for Calotren is Collagen hydrolysate which is topical in nature. This ingredient is very common to us though we may not notice it. It is used in our daily toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, cosmetic creams and others. It may also aid in ailments such as arthritis and known to be beneficial when included in a dietary supplement. Collagen is a kind of protein that aids in connecting tissues and known to be present in the skin and cartilage. This ingredient if found in dietary enhancers may aid in some ailments such as arthritis. The amino acid content of this ingredient is similar with those that are found in the cartilage wherefore it contributes in repairing and building of cartilage. Collagen hydrolysate is richly found in bovine and other marine sources. On the other hand, further research should be conducted to find out if this would be truly helpful in weight loss.

For a more comprehensive detail of Calotren ingredients one may check it out on the product s official website.

What form of Supplement is more effective?

Most of us have consumed medications in liquid and capsule form, and we may have mutual agreement that capsules are better options. The liquid-based formula may not be as effective with that of capsules. With the capsule types we don t have to bother ourselves about consuming the right dosage for it has been pre-done for us and it would not have the same bitter flavor that the liquid ones may have.

The Pro s and Con s

The Pro s: The ingredients used for this product are risk-free for they are all-organic in nature. This may well benefit people who are tired of consuming their regular dietary medication in capsules. It is always considered to be a plus for a weight loss product when they eliminate the use of Ephedrine in their formula.

The Con s: Calotren may include some animal by-products in its formula. We have also noted that there aren t any active fat burners or appetite suppressants in the blend which means that this product is not designed to aid in weight loss. Furthermore, there were some consumers who have been voicing out their concerns through the products blog section.

How do we rate Calotren

Calorad products put a high dependency on one ingredient. The manufacturer failed to provide consumers with an explanation or justification as to why they chose to incorporate such ingredient and why the issue of the accumulated fats was not addressed. We believe this product would be more suited for those that have already reached their weight goal and just need something to maintain it. But for those who are seeking a great impact of weight loss they are much rather off with products that contains an effective fat burner and proven potent appetite suppressant. In the end, we feel that this product has failed to impress us and lacks the credibility to sustain their weight loss claim through scientific research and studies.

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