By Trevor Price

Many of us spend so much time focusing on finding the best ergonomic task chair, but never seem to stop to consider our computer office desks – which are half the equation. Before you buy your next computer desk, read on for what to look for in a quality desk and suggestions on some of the better ergonomic desk solutions available today.

Cable Storage

If you own a computer, you know that all the wires and cables running from your peripherals to the actual computer can be a major eyesore, disorganized mess, and walking hazard. Good computer office desks provide a solution for this – a few holes in the back of the desk that are designed for weaving cables through, to direct them back and up through the desk rather than scattered across your work surface. So, avoid a tangle of wires and look for a desk with pre-designed cabling solutions.

Tuck it Away


Rather than having your desktop tower, CDs, printers and other peripheral devices all out in the open and cluttering your workspace, seek a computer desk that has the storage capacity to tuck it all away. While an open-concept desk may seem like a good idea, you’ll soon find your work surface overrun with wiring, papers, files and print cartridges. To keep a clean desk, look for a desk with specific computer and file storage drawers or cabinets.

Posture Perfect

The most important factor when purchasing a new computer desk is to make sure that it properly fits for your planned usage. To be ergonomically correct, you should be able to sit at the desk with your feet flat on the floor and reach the work surface area comfortable. If you like to occasionally cross your legs (which you shouldn’t do), make sure you have room to do so. Plan ahead and bring your ideal desk measurements with you before you go shopping.

Desks That Fit the Bill

The “Sit to Stand Desk” – Made by Relax the Back

The Sit to Stand Desk is expensive (almost $1700), but may be well worth it for those suffering from back pain caused by hunching over their desks all day. This desk has a built-in motor and easy controls that allow you to raise or lower it from 25 to 52 inches – making it great for shorter individuals who want to sit or very tall individuals who prefer to stand. By standing for part of your workday, you take stress off your back and alleviate those painful work muscles. This desk also comes with cable passes and optional storage cabinets.

Airtouch – Made by Steelcase

The Airtouch is another of the computer office desks designed as a light workstation solution that’s height adjustable. However, it lacks storage, making it either a great desk for a laptop user or someone willing to invest in additional storage. The desk is reasonably priced, well-designed and is also certified for indoor air quality – that means the glues and materials used in its construction are carcinogen-free.

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