Consumer uses for GPS Tracking Devices



Over the last few years we have ‘come along way baby’ when it comes to GPS Devices. What was once specific to the military is now readily available to the consumer market, and the devices get smarter, smaller and more reliable as the technology advances. There are many black hat uses for GPS tracking, and some people may see it as too much of a ‘Big Brother watching you’ situation, but it can have its legitimate uses when it comes to every day life.

The number of GPS devices in use goes up every day, and the way in which they are used also changes on a regular basis as more and more applications become available.

Consumers use Tracking Devices in many different ways, but here are 5 of the most common.

Tracking Vehicles


Things that move tend to me easy targets for theft, and cars are certainly no stranger to theft. Having a GPS Tracking device installed in your car, or fleet, can help you to monitor the exact location of the vehicle. With GPS you can also work out things such as mileage covered and fuel costs just by using a very simple mapping application.

Friends and Family

Now, whilst GPS Tracking devices can be used so that you can snoop on the location of your partner, there are also much more legitimate uses such as keeping track of your kids. We live in an age where it is unfortunate that even playing out in your own street comes with risks attached, and you can help manage this risk by issuing your family with a discrete Tracking Device

Valuable Assets away from home

Also known as Remote assets, owners of caravans or boats that are kept away from sight for large parts of the year can also benefit from GPS Tracking devices. How much weight would it take off your shoulder to know that your prize boat is still moored in the harbor and has not been taken by opportunists?

Domestic Animals

Tracking domestic pets was an early adoptee to GPS Tracking technology. People become very attached to their animals and it can be heartbreaking if your cat or dog wanders off not to be seen again. Even if you take your dog out for walks and let him off his lead, an interesting scent can soon distract them as they wander off out of your vision However, with a GPS Tracking device on their collar it wouldn’t take long for the offending pooch to be tracked down and brought back home.

Sports Events and Activities

Some traditional sporting events such as Orienteering use GPS tracking to help keep tabs on participants. Cross Country runners, and even marathon runners also utilise GPS Tracking devices, not just in competition but in training so that they can keep track of just how far they have ran.

With advances in GPS Technology it is now even more affordable to purchase a

GPS Tracking Device


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Consumer uses for GPS Tracking Devices