Fundraising Event Ideas




Event fundraising is the most publicized way of raising funds. It involves everyone in the community and sure to attract greater financial gain. Getting the community occupied and having fun earns more attract and the result is more funds. Even if your group is low on fund raising, the event garners maximum gain with minimum effort. It is also a good accolade to any product tilting fundraising you do all through the year.

FAQs for Event Fundraising Success:Get Advertised / Publicity ForThe most important aspect of fund raising is to involve and activate the whole community for the cause. Be sure that everyone is aware of your fundraising event. Give the clear information like who it’s for, when, what it’s for, where and how you are trying to move up. The best way to promote the event is to employ local radio and TV stations, community places, newspapers, school and church newsletters.Get a Central / Well Known LocationChoose a location that is known to and reachable by most. The address is a deciding factor in attracting the crowd. Be sure that the location can handle the expected crowd.Pick the Right DayWeekends are the best time to fetch a large crowd as most of the people are at home and ready to go for outing. But get yourself certain that you are not rival to another big event or holiday. Get Trusted VolunteersMake sure you get the commitment of your fundraising event volunteers. Your fundraiser will fall short if you can’t rely on your helpers. Have backup volunteers lined up in case of absent helpers.Best Fundraising EventsBreakfast / Lunch / Dinner Fundraising EventDining is the best fundraiser. Go for a fundraising breakfast, lunch or dinner event and keep it as plain as possible. Just think about a Hotdog event fundraiser. No doubt the idea is great. Ask your local grocer to contribute the hotdogs, buns, condiments, pop and chips. Borrow a propane BBQ or boiler for the cooking. You can raise funds more, faster by selling them at a little high price in the parking lot itself.Car WashRender a service to the vehicle owners and ask more a recognizable donation instead. Prepare a group of volunteers and pick up a good location known for high traffic. As many as cars you will wash, the more funds will flow to your account. Just sell some snacks and beverages to passerby and earn extra.Bake SaleCollect an assortment of home baked goodies and offer them to community members in lieu of a little donation. Bake some lip smacking cookies using the cookie dough from a well-liked cookie dough fundraising brochure and raise further money.Book SaleAsk your community members to donate old books and offer the people to buy them as a good read for a good cause.Rubber Duck RaceOrganize fun events like rubber dock race and get kids involved. Offer tickets to participants and supporters Ensure that the event is publicized enough to have a fun turnout and give prize to the best racers.Bingo NightBingo nights are among popular fundraiser event ideas. Do selling of cards and call information in your school sports club. Offer donated local businesses items as prizes along with recognition certificates.

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