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There are certain situations that happen in the cleaning services that are unavoidable and sometimes purely accidental. It would be a good practice for you and your staff to know what to do in these situations. Here are a few tips on what you can do in these situations.

Finding Money. There are certain situations where money can be found while cleaning a place. The best practice regarding this is if the amount is only a few cents it would be best to leave the money at the nearest table or counter where you found the money. It is a large amount, you can put it in an envelope and put a note to where the money is found and leave it with the receptionist or at the reception desk.

Breaking Items. If By accident an item is broken, it should immediately be cleaned up and leave a note for the owner to find explaining what happened and to contact your company to have the item replaced or paid for. Advise your staff to immediately report the accident. This will give your company the reputation that it is willing to pay for damages and most often the client will appreciate the honesty.


Getting locked in. In situations where you find yourself trapped in the room or locked out of the office, immediately contact the person who would have access to a set of extra keys. Inform your staff that they should always keep the keys with them at all times and never leave them anywhere.

Finding personal items left behind. When items of personal value are found always be sure to keep it in a safe place and leave a note for the owner indicating where you placed the item. If there is a contact number of the person who the item belongs to, you can contact them immediately to inform them and advise them where you will be leaving the said item. This will show that you and your employees have integrity.

Trash temptations. There would be times where disposed items would catch your eyes. Your job as a cleaning service is to take out the trash and not go through it. It would be bad practice to be removing items from the trash and taking it home. Other people do not know that you found it in the trash and when they see you taking it out they might get the wrong idea. This temptation is not worth getting a bad reputation or getting in trouble with.

Illegal or prohibited activities on the job. Your job as a cleaning service is to provide cleaning. Doing the right thing is not a question of job description. You are not helping anyone by just looking the other way. It would be best to report the incident immediately no matter how petty the crime is. This also includes other staff being intoxicated while being on the job.

Too much work or too little work. If you are not able to complete the job since it is more than you can handle, report it to your supervisor so that arrangements can be made. You would also want to report if the job is going to take lesser time than necessary.

Each business will have required qualification and will always depend on the type of service you decide to start. If you want to purse a small cleaning business, it s a must that you need to have determination to make the business work. You must be willing to please the customer and the dedication to provide an excellent customer service. Know how to start a small cleaning business first before dreaming its success.

It s very crucial requirement for the owner and the employees of any type of cleaning business to inculcate the value of honesty. This is quite essential whether you are cleaning bathrooms every week or carpets twice a year or dusting and vacuuming an office at night. If you can t hire someone to work with you, you don t need to bother for you can start a small cleaning business on your own. If you like to work outside, you can pursue different types of cleaning services such as window cleaning and pressure washing. If you want to make it simply, you may want enter on maid service. And there are other options like janitorial services, carpet cleaning businesses and other niche cleaning operations. These types of services will often need upgraded equipments and cleaning solutions for which you need trainings.

Know how to start a small cleaning business by determining whether you want it franchise or an operation. The most advisable is franchise since it has the capacity to give marketing support most especially in the area of national advertising and name recognition which is hard for individuals to match.

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