Blakoe rings are most widely used by men in order to enhance the strength and quality of their erections, boost semen production and testosterone levels. These rings were created in the early 50’s as an alternative treatment for incontinence. Firstly used by elderly men, they soon proved their efficiency in improving erectile dysfunction and became very popular.

Doctor Robert Blakoe, physiologist and anatomist, the inventor of the Blakoe ring, was surprised to notice that beside their known benefits, his rings were also reported for their unusual side-effects… increased sex drive, and enhanced erections!

The Blakoe ring is all natural, not very expensive and unlike other incontinence treatments, they allow you to better control your problem naturally. If your testosterone level is low and you have regular erection problem, this device may be the best treatment for you. Men who have tried the Blakoe Ring reporte a remarkable improvement in their sex life after using this device.


What Exactly is a Blakoe ring?

The Blakoe ring is a little plastic tube which contains tiny electro dynamic zinc and copper plates that can easily slide over your testicles and penis. And don’t be concerned, it only takes a couple of minutes for you to completely forget you are wearing this device.

How does it work?

The plates inside the ring create a continuous flow of electric energy which stimulates your testicles and penis to increase circulation. As a result, the natural production of testosterone gets elevated and this leads to a substantial improvement of your male hormone levels, and your erections. Another benefit of this ring is that the device is completely safe to use. As mentioned before, these Blakoe rings have been worn by a large number of men worldwide without any undesirable side effects.

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