By Jon Caldwell

On the surface level, it seems as though you might be getting a good deal when you buy short sale but there are times when youre better off not doing that. Here are a few reasons why you might not want to buy short sale.

The seller borrowed too much. Some banks allow borrowers to overmortgage their home, especially for appreciating markets. This means that the loan balance of the borrower exceeds the propertys value.

The house is not qualified to be a short sale. Some unethical real estate agents might convince sellers to do a short sale when he or she does not even qualify for a short sale.

Lenders change the condition. There are lenders who have the right to renegotiate the short sales terms at the last minute, especially when new laws have been passed or if the market changes. Theyll have a lawyer at their disposal while you, the ordinary buyer, wont.

There are many websites with experts who claim to be able to protect you from foreclosure, but all they are after is to get the title away from you. Here are some ways you can recognize a foreclosure rescue scam.

The company offers to pay your back payments to your lender for you. There is no such thing as a company who will bail out home owners form their foreclosure by giving money to the lender.

The company lets you take out a mortgage to pay off your lender. If your current lender wont give you money to refinance your mortgage, other reputable lenders wont do so either.

The company says that you can remain in the property as a tenant then reclaim the title later on. No other company will let you buy your property back after you deed away your interest.

Paying an upfront fee will make the company stop the foreclosure for you. No matter how much money you pay, there are no guarantees that anyone can stop your foreclosure.

According to statistics from the Joint Center for Housing Studies, there are more single women buying homes today. More than one out of five home buyers are single women, and there are twice the number of single women buying homes than single men. Single women also make up over one third of the growth in real estate since 1994. Women of all ages, sizes, and shapes buy homes because they have the strong desire to own something thats entirely hers. They also need to be closer to their work, school, or family, or they want more space or a smaller home. So if youre a single woman whos looking to buy a house, dont hesitate because the market is open for you.

People get attracted to short sales because they think they might be getting a good deal. A short sale is when the sellers lender gets a discounted payoff so the existing mortgage gets released. However, just because a house is listed with short sale terms does not necessarily mean that the lender will accept the offer you make, even if the seller does. Buying homes in short sales is not as easy and there are few that closes in 30 days or less.

Remember that a seller does not have to have stopped making mortgage payments before his or her lender makes it a short sale. The lender can give the property short sale terms if the value has fallen, or if the seller owes more money than what the home is worth. At a discounted price, the property will be more in line with its market value, and not fall below it.

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