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MECH-Q works like you do – only faster

This means that you do not need to learn any new techniques. MECH-Q has been designed to let you work like you always have, but it provides the tools to do it faster, accurately and with ease. MECH-Q lets you draw to your offi ce standard, no need to change the way your offi ce works. The items that you use continuously are supplied with the product. You do not need to look up tables for bolts, steel shapes, pipe fi ttings… anymore. This saves you valuable time and eliminates possible errors. You save time – therefore money. MECH-Q is affordable Our products are developed by a small dedicated team of engineers and programmers. The product is sold primarily direct to you and through a small group of authorized dealers. This allows us to keep the cost as low as possible and pass the savings to you. MECH-Q is available in modules – so you only need to buy what you need.

MECH-Q is designed for you

The developers of MECH-Q have worked with people like you and have made every effort to design the product as you want. We listen to our customers – this is how MECH-Q has grown and developed over the years. But we will not stop here and we are dedicated to continue to improve MECH-Q.

Why not try MECH-Q for yourself?

There is no need to take any risks – we let you try before you buy. If you have not received our fully

functional demonstration disk – just send us an email or give us a call and we will send you a copy of MECH-Q to evaluate for 21 days. There is no obligation to buy and once you have fi nished testing it is simple to uninstall.


MECH-Q Structural

Main Modules include:

Steel Shapes Generator: supporting standards (AISC/ASTM and Metric: BHP (Australian), CISC (Canadian), DIN, RSA, JIS and IS). Equipped with weighted auto-BOM and listing utility for 2-D and 3-D.

Stairs Utility: Single fl ight, multiple fl ight stairs, front elevation and plan views. It is equipped with auto-dimensioning and a stringer fabrication detailer.

Ladder Utility: Step-thru and side-step ladders, fully customizable and with auto-dimensioning.

Beam-to-beam and beam-to-column connections: Equipped with auto-fabrication detailing.

Other Modules: Structural bracing module, hand railing, frames utility, purlins and girts, plates, welding symbols and many more.

Also Included: Beam designer: Design options include simply supported, cantilever, propped

and build-in beams – multiple load cases. The utility also reports and plots stress and defl ection diagrams, reactions and minimum allowable beam section.


A comprehensive package for rectangular, round and fl at oval ducting. Generate complex HVAC ducting layouts with ease and equipped with an auto-BOM utility, sheet material take-off and fl at sheet development. Add insulation as required and bends design is fully customizable.

Other Utilities: Duct transitions, tees and wyes (several shape options), branches, dampers, diffusers, fl exible duct, grills and other accessories, build-in and customer defi ned symbols.

MECH-Q Piping Pro

Pipe and Pipe Fittings: Pipe, 45 and 90 degree elbows, tees, reducers, fl anges, valves, 180 degree bends, weldolet…

Size range: DN15 (1/2 ) to DN900 (36 ). Drawing option: Single line, double line and 3-D solids. Fittings types: butt welded, socket welded, threaded and victaulic, cast iron, stainless, PVC, PVC-U and DWV, copper…Equipped with auto-BOM, and full layers control. MECH-Q piping lets you draw complicated pipe layouts in hours not days.

Isometric Piping: A full range of isometric pipe and fi ttings. It includes a comprehensive set of standard symbols to the range. MECH-Q ISO piping includes an auto-BOM and BOM balloons utility and tools for easy isometric dimensioning is included.

Other Piping Utilities: Pipe schematics / P&ID, fabricated pipe, plumbing symbols pipe hangers, vessels, pumps and many other pipe drawing tools.

MECH-Q Mechanical

Fasteners: A large collection of parametric utilities for drawing of bolts, nuts, washers, pins, bolt holes, slotted holes and more. Material Handling: Conveyor rolls, suspended, sprockets, conveyor wheels, chain wheels, trajectory and valley angle calculator.

General Mechanical: Shafts design, chamfering utilities, bearings and bearing housings, keys and key ways, spur gears, clutches, cylindrical tolerance, mechanical symbols and many more.

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