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When a person buys a car, usually, this vehicle is only attuned and designed to perform according to the standard level expected from car. This is much expected especially with car models that are mass produced. That’s why vehicle of this type has only limited driving performance. And if a driver wants to have a maximum driving experience, one will surely want to have a way on how to maximize the potential of his or her car. With this, Meezer can make sure that drivers will be able to do this on his or her car with a professional help. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

One of the products Meezer offers is the SCT iTSX Wireless Custom Tuning Ford. This wireless tuning device is compatible with Ford Gas or Diesel vehicles. What it does to a car is that it can wirelessly re-calibrate the vehicle’s computer.

Wireless re-calibrating of the vehicle’s computer gives:

* Increased Throttle Response

* Maximum Horsepower and Torque

* Increased Fuel Mileage

* Firmer Shifts


The SCT iTSX can increase the performance of a car in as fast as 15 minutes without doing much of a hassle because it is done wirelessly. And this SCT iTSX comes with a iTSX Application that will work with any iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Vehicle Tuning

* The vehicle can be re-calibrated using Bluetooth connection

* Just a few minutes is needed to increase the vehicle’s performance

* Has pre-loaded tunes that can be used as well with other popular vehicles

* Will work with 1996-2011 Ford models

On-Screen Virtual Gauges

* There are different Gauge Themes and Layouts available

* If using an iPad, a large Virtual Gauge is available

* An on screen virtual gauge is shown and warning lights are adjustable

* Thru the virtual gauge, engine date can be monitored

Built-in Performance Tests

* Test to know Top Speed Performance

* Test for Braking Performance with 60-0MPH ET

* Test for 1/8th and mile ET / MPH Performance

* A 0-60MPH Performance Test with Estimated Horsepower & Torque

It can also read and clears vehicle diagnostic codes, as well as diagnose the vehicle’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes. All of this can be done by connecting a SCT iTSX device to the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic system, or OBD-II connector, and this device will communicate through Bluetooth connection of an iPhone, iPod or iPad which has a iTSX wireless OBD-II interface.

Meezer offers this SCT iTSX Wireless Custom Tuning Ford and currently has a price of $469, which was sold before for $489. It can be ordered online via Meezer’s website and can be paid using a card or through Paypal. Shipping methods include UPS or FedEx if within the US, and TNT or EMS for worldwide shipping. The estimated shipping time is within one to two weeks. Meezer also offers other products such as vehicle parts, aside from car tuners. Meezer can also provide consultancy services for amateur car owners or for professional race car owners.

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