If you have had a recent breakup, you have probably had a lot of information telling you how to get your ex boyfriend back thrown at you. Among this information you have probably seen using male psychology mentioned frequently. The word psychology might have made you think it was too complicated, so you didn’t try it. Here is a simple psychological trickthat works practically every time.

Most breakups are caused by some silly misunderstanding. This happens because your man has led you to believe that he is a big strong guy. This causes you to not realize how sensitive and immature men can be. Something upset him and now he is sulking. You think the best way to get him back is to tell him you love him and can’t live without him. That will only lose him forever.

To make your ex boyfriend beg you to take him back, you have to take away his secure feelings. As long as he knows you still want him back, he will continue to sulk. He is working on your psychology, making you lose your pride, just so he can inflate his ego. You cannot get a man back by begging, but you can bring him back running if he thinks you no longer love him.


The dirty but harmless psychological trick you need to get your ex back is to reverse the breakup. Make your ex boyfriend feel like you have just dumped him and you are moving on. When you reverse the breakup, you can make your ex feel the same rejection and despair you are feeling. Once you start ignoring him and doing things that interest you, he will have an entirely different attitude.

If you had checked into male psychology, you would have found that all men want what they can’t have. That is how you can reverse the breakup. As long as you are trying to give him your love, your ex boyfriend will reject you. Take your love away and make him think you are over him and what happens? Your ex boyfriend will feel dumped and thrown out into the cold.

To make this psychological trick work at its best, you can’t feel sorry for him when he comes running back. Making him come back is only part of the job.You have to do the complete job if you want to keep your man forever. Be strong and act like the relationship is over. Make your ex boyfriend beg and crawl. He has to learn that playing with your heart is dangerous.

Of course you are going to take him back because you love him. Once you have him back, do not stop using your dirty little psychological tricks. Remember, men want what they can’t have and reject what is easy. If you always keep him guessing and never let him take you for granted, he will be you man forever.

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