Workers’ Compensation Law – Provisions And Benefits


Melville Jackson

Do you know that about 4,340 people died on account of work-related accidents in the last year?

Though, this was much less as compared to the number of deaths in 2008, but still the American workplace is far from being safe!

Under such circumstances, the Federal Government has designed appropriate ‘Workers’ Compensation Laws’ which strive to protect the interests of workmen and their families. The Workers’ Compensation Law is basically a well-crafted system of state-mandated insurance programs which are devised to compensate all kinds of damages (financial or personal) that are acquired in course of employment. It is important for you to understand that the laws pertaining to Workers’ Compensation haven’t got the foundation in theories of the employer’s negligence – but, nevertheless establishes a complete liability for lost wages, medical expenditures, and other costs of rehabilitation.


As different states in the US have different insurance systems and eligibility criteria, it will be always wise to seek professional assistance when you are trying to claim reimbursements pertaining to Workers’ Compensation. It has been found that sometimes injured workmen were tricked into giving up their basic rights when they tried to handle their own compensation claims. A good attorney with abundant experience in handling Workers’ Compensation cases can always help you get a fair reimbursement together with other entitled benefits. Montgomery County, Aspen Hill, Olney, and Fairland are some cities in Maryland (US) where it’s quite easy to find offices of lawyers who are engaged in dealing with workmen’s reimbursement cases. Some of the legal services relating to Workers’ Compensation that are usually handled by lawyers are:


Lost wages benefits

– This involves the employer or insurer compensating the injured/sick employee for the lost wages/salary while he received medical attention from a physician.


Death benefits

– Sometimes it may happen that a worker died due to an accident which happened at the workplace and left behind several individuals who were wholly or partially dependent on him. In such situations, the employer/insurer is required to pay death benefits or funeral expenses to the family members of the dead worker.


Payment for scars

– Some work-related injuries become more difficult when there are permanent scars or disfigurements. Employers are required to compensate the workers, provided he faces such disfigurements.

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