By Lauren B. Laughlin

Lighting a campfire at night is always a part of American tradition. The warmth and coziness that an open fire can provide is simply unparalleled. Which is why many American households have fireplaces and fire pits in their homes so that they can enjoy the benefits of an open fire during the cold season. And we can’t talk about a camp fire without touching the subject of firewood. A firewood is essential in making sure that the camp fire keeps on burning because it serves as the fuel. You can have a fireplace, campfire or fire pit, but without a campfire wood they are pretty much useless. So needless to say it is important that you know what type of firewood is best depending on your needs.

First you need to know about seasoned firewood. When you say seasoned firewood, it is a wood that has been left out to dry for a long time. Woods that are freshly cut from a tree are most likely difficult to burn because of the water in them. The seasoning process can take a long time depending on the type of wood to be used. As much as possible, utilize a seasoned firewood rather than a wet one. Some could even take years. Here are some of the most common types of campfire wood:

1. Oak. Arguably one of the best type of campfire wood that one can use. But before that it requires quite a good deal of seasoning like 2 years at most. Oak is a slow burning wood that produces a lot of heat even with a small flame.


2. Pine. This wood is resinous and considered to be a softwood. It burns quite nicely granted that is has been seasoned but because it is a softwood it tends to crackle and pop. Can leave a strong piney smell so it is recommended for outdoor use. Not very good when it comes to cooking.

3. Maple. This is a good cooking firewood. It is smokey but leaves a sweet aroma and flavor which makes it perfect for cooking pork and poultry.

4. Apple. This firewood type is perhaps the best when it comes to cooking. The only downside is that it is rarely used as firewood because it is attractive enough to be utilized as material for making furniture and other decorations. It has a great sweet smell that makes it perfect for smoking and cooking.

5. Almond. This firewood type both makes a good fireplace and cooking wood. It is valued because of its toughness and the heat that it can provide is long lasting. Produces a sweet smoke that goes well with many types of meat.

6. Hickory. This is bar none, the best wood type when it comes to smoking. Hickory is a tough wood that produces a lot of heat and it lasts longer. It produces a sweet and bacony flavor which is ideal for smoking ham, pork or beef. Considered to be one of the best campfire wood that you can find.

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