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Demonstrations and survey sheets (AKA money sheets)

How many people have had the in-home salesperson come into your home to test your water, only to have this person in your home for hours? They use survey sheets, which have been around for decades and which there are many variations of, but the purpose is always the same: show the consumer how they can supposedly save money.

How it works:


(This is in no way meant to bash the salesperson, because 99% of these people are good people and simply selling a product that they believe in and putting in an honest days work.)

The salesperson will come into your home and make small talk while setting up his/her testing equipment. At this point, most people are thinking this will be short and interesting, but the fun has only just begun. After a few basic water tests, which we’ll go over in an upcoming blog, you are shown some really interesting demonstrations highlighting the advantages of using this company s particular water filtration system. The demonstrations can include: washing everyone’s hands, making coffee or tea, cleaning glasses and shower doors, taking stains out of carpets, drinking the filtered water then comparing it to your water and this goes on and on. A favorite of the in-home salesperson is when they take out beakers and pretend they’re washing machines. They add soap to the raw water beaker and the filtered water beaker and proceed to shake them up. This is a doozy and a real money finder on the survey sheet. As you can expect, the one with the filtered water will look clear and the suds will about blow the lid off the beaker. The raw water will have a nasty scum on the top and zero suds. They’ll continue to put drops into the raw water beaker trying to match the effect the soap had on the filtered water beaker, which on average takes about 80% more drops, leading you to believe 80% more of your hard earned money…

After all these really cool tests, an hour or so has passed and you’ll go over the very basic water testing that was performed. Most of these tests are visual tests, which means they’re very subjective and marginal in many ways, for instance, people see colors differently, we could actually do the same tests and have 15 different technicians look at them and probably get 14 different answers. Now it’s time for the potential customer to sit down with the salesperson and go over the survey sheet. Many will tell you that this is the only way they get credit for being in the house and it’ll only take a few minutes, both of which are false. If it s a couple, both people are made to sit through the entire demonstration and survey results. Many reasons will be given for this, but the true reason is that this would take away the consumers chance to express their concerns or objections with their partner.

The survey sheet will normally consist of 5 or 6 categories and rows that will be labeled with what your spending now, what you would spend with the proposed system installed, what percentage of savings that would be and finally the total savings (so you think).

Check back next week when the survey sheet will be exposed in detail…

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