Personal Computer Users Could Be Weakest Link In Fight Against Terrorism

More On This Topic: Cyber Security Consultant Sydney Submitted by: Robert Ing A terrorist has two prime objectives; to obtain information and to disable a target at any cost. A personal computer user could unknowingly assist a terrorist in accomplishing these objectives but it doesn’t have to be this way. Information Approximately 70% of North American personal computer users conduct personal financial transactions on their machines. These transactions range from

Why You Should Never Re Use Passwords Online Ever

More On This Topic: Cso Group Website Reusing passwords for numerous internet sites is dangerously insecure. A typical computer user when warned about this practice might respond as “what’s the big deal, I do it all the time”. The problem is, most typical computer users don’t really understand the inherent dangers associated with reusing passwords. This is especially troublesome if passwords are reused for sites that contain personal and/or financial

Why Students Face Problems In Technical Writing Work?

More On This Topic: Cyber Security Services For Small Business Writing is the tough work for the students because it is very complicated and time-consuming work that takes lots of time to the students and some of the students are trouble about these issues but when we talk about the technical writing work so it is much difficult and hectic work for the students. There are many skills and research

Do You Have A False Sense Of Cybersecurity For Mobile?

More On This Topic: Network Security Services Sydney Nearly three-quarters of Americans have never installed data protection applications or security software on their mobile devices to prevent data loss or defend against viruses and malware. 72% of us have unsecured smartphones, to be exact, even though we are using them more frequently in our digital lives. Arecent survey shows that 44% of Americans use smartphones to access the Internet, and

Active Computer Spyware Threats

More On This Topic: Cyber Security Services Perth Australia Submitted by: Will Jones Computer Spyware is a form of malware which will infect your computer without permission and can be used to steal your private information. Spyware has been used to log keystrokes made on your computer and send sensitive email and banking information to remotely located hackers, change your default home and search engine pages, and serve as a