Horse Rubber Mats For Stabling And Travel


Adriana Noton

There are many benefits to using horse rubber mats for stabling and travel. With many different choices of mats you can pick the option right for you. There are benefits for both the horse and the owner, and the care of the mats is simple. The mats are not only just for stabling and can be used for traveling and in fields too. There is also a financial bonus to using this system.


With a number of different options, manufacturers and distributors there are a wide choice of products. Thickness and size of the at varies as do other options. Some products have an anti slip pimple effect on the top surface whilst others are designed to be swept easily with a lower patterned top surface. The mats come in sections which can be cut to fit the stable floor and are easily removed, or the rubber can be bonded where the mat meet to provide a a surface with no cracks. There is even a product designed for use on the walls whether this be in the stable, horse box or trailer. The cushioned material of this flooring helps to prevent thee jarring that can occur on concrete flooring when the horse is moving about his box, particularly if the horse rolls or has a leg injury. They can reduce the incidences of capped hocks, slipping or getting cast. If the walls are also lined this can help prevent other possible knocks against the walls. They are good for prevent the cold that comes from walls and floors an can reduce dust which you can get when using other forms of bedding. They are also beneficial in allowing urine and spilled water to drain out of the stable reducing smell and staining. The owner or groom can also benefit from their installation through ease of cleaning, less bedding or manure to add to the muck heap and time saved as they can be hosed down and swept clean with ease. The removal of none bonded mats eases their cleaning and allows the stable to be washed down when needed. They are easy to fit and save money on bedding. Due to the nature of the product they are none porous and thus do not retain liquids where bacteria can breed. They can be cleaned easily and removed if needed for disinfecting which need only be done twice a year. They do not tear easily and therefore are safe for use with shod horses and ponies. It is also possible to use this type of flooring in horse boxes and trailers for similar reasons, they reduce the levels of tiredness to the horses legs whilst traveling and can prevent injuries which may occur through shifting of weight during travel. There are some types which are designed with a porous grid pattern meant for use in boggy or areas of heavy traffic in the fields, particularly around gate ways. This not only benefits the grass trying to grow through but give both the groom and owner added traction in these areas. Using this type of bedding this can have a financial gain also, within a year the flooring should be paying for itself as you have either replaced or reduced considerably the cost of your other bedding whether that be paper, shavings or straw. You may even have reduced your vets bills with reduced injuries or faster heeling times. With the many different options you are bound to be able to find a product suitable for your needs and reap the benefit to both your horse or pony and to yourself. With easy care and options to use these products both in the transport of your animals and in the field the financial benefits are an added bonus.

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