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Submitted by: Richard Humphrey

While much emphasis is placed on the travails of the job seeker in a troubled economy, it is easy to forget that the hiring process is a two-way street. Companies spend countless dollars in continual pursuit of good employees. Good interview processes and methods help to increase quality staff in an organization. On the other hand, poor job interview methods result in poor selection of people, which undermines organizational capabilities, wastes management time, and increases staff turnover.

A large number of companies today, including top names like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo, Apple etc., are challenged by a hiring process that can often veer wildly in results; some new hires prove to be the right fits with company culture and goals, and some soon become misfits , adding to staff turnover and costing precious resources.

Preptel is a company that is changing the way organizations source candidates today. Its unique services help companies connect with only those candidates who can show their preparation, competence, fitness, and enthusiasm for the open position. Preptel accomplishes this by:

Pinpointing motivated candidates who are most qualified for the position

Ensuring that all interviewed candidates have adequate knowledge about the company and the job they are applying fo

Saving considerable time and money by cutting through all the SPAM applications

Ensuring that candidates have the right hard and soft skills

Showing how references and peers evaluate a particular candidate across 20+ behaviors


Saving on executive search placement costs

In order to find and place the best candidates, Preptel offers organizations the following tools:

Candidate Screening. Preptel s unique candidate certification process matches relevant resumes to the open role, certifies candidates knowledge of the position and organization based on the set criteria, and assesses each candidate s competencies and behaviors. Only top-notch, certified candidates are passed on to the interview, thus saving the company considerable time and money.

Interview Support. Preptel provides the organizations with various candidate assessments obtained during the certification process; this helps them to gather data on relevant behaviors and competencies, feedback from references, company knowledge, and a profile comparison against their ideal candidate characteristics.

Sourcing Services. Preptel goes beyond traditional sourcing techniques in order to locate extraordinary candidates who are well-qualified for open positions. Preptel encourages such candidates to pass through their stringent certification methods, and if they show good potential, it passes these candidates onto their client organizations.

By following this structured methodology, Preptel has created a uniquely effective bridge between high-quality employees and hiring personnel. In addition to saving time and money for both parties, Preptel s innovative approach takes the guesswork out of the hiring process.

Prepare To Excel With Professional Resume Services

A resume is one of the most important business documents, as it provides a summary of the job seeker s pertinent work history. Because it serves as the primary source of information about the candidate, it should be carefully crafted to reflect the job seeker s unique fit with the desired position, landing an immediate spot on the short list for an interview.

In today s highly competitive job market, too many candidates distribute one catch-all resume to every job opening and message board available. It is like shooting in the dark, with no clear aim or focus. The result is that most of the applications become a part of SPAM , and never reach their intended audience.

Unknown to most people, there is new HR software designed to manage large numbers of applicants, changing the hiring process. The software screens resumes according to certain keyword density, proximity, and other weighted criteria. Today, creating one perfect resume does not guarantee a job; the candidates need to optimize their resume to each job description, demonstrate their understanding about the company, its culture, and communicate their strengths for the specific job.

Preptel is one company that provides a unique resource for the benefit of both candidates and companies. Their Resume Guide and Preptel Resumeter help candidates in creating the perfect resume that is able to overcome the hurdles of tough resume-rating software, and beats the odds to land an interview. Preptel s Do-It-Yourself Resume Writer Guide:

Gives a walk-through tour of creating the best resume

Unlocks the secrets of job search-engine technology

Solves the mystery of why a particular job-seeker is, or is not, getting interview calls

Provides exclusive research-supported training exercises and formulas that produce the interview-landing keyword strategy that is right for a candidate

Enables the candidates to rate their resume readability and strength against Preptel s expert checklist guidelines

Preptel s reasonable membership packages offer customized guided assistance to candidates in writing their resumes. Their HR experts have the right insight and expertise in the job search and hiring industries, and they work directly with the candidates to critique and Asses their existing resumes. Job seekers are given an analysis of their strengths, skills, accomplishments and results, then guided through their resume final draft production, with job-specific customized resume reviews, and assistance with alterations for pursuing additional job opportunities.

With so much fine-tuning, there is much less risk of getting lost in the faceless mass of applicants for a position, and companies benefit from having a clearer picture of what the job seeker has to offer.

It is a matter of fact that an effective resume is the best method of presenting one s strengths, experiences and accomplishments in a comprehensible, positive light. Preptel s Resume Guide and Preptel Resumeter help to create a winning resume that sends a candidate straight to the top of the pile.

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